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Agfabric has a professional team to provide you the best designed and high quality products at competitive prices. Excellent service and fast delivery guaranteed. Widely used for garden and agricultural purpose, minimizing wind/hail/frost damages, keeping out birds and insects, and enhancing plants. Mainly used for cabbage, radish, eggplant, melons, beans, can improve seedling rate and seedling quality.
  • Manufactured of high density polyethylene (HDPE), stabilized netting, reinforced eyelets, selvedge and centerline are designed for adding extra-strength
  • Hail netting - protects fruit trees and plants from hail damage, leading to higher yields and a healthier orchard, use for orchards where hail frequently attack
  • Bird netting insect net - protects crops and vegetables from hungry birds, bats and flying foxes, while still allowing plenty of sunlight through
  • Anti hail net can cover hoop frame raised beds with zip ties in garden, easily cut to any custom size
  • 50GSM, width 16 ft be able to be used through multiple seasons, the overall product lifespan will also depend on the environmental conditions that the netting will regularly experience