Our Story

Wellco Industries Inc was founded in 1997 , a manufacturer and supplier specialized in agriculture, landscape, construction and electricity industries.

Our brand, Agfabric was brought out by the end of 2008 with its headquarter in Vista, California.

From 1997 to 2006, Wellco Industries advanced rapidly by our great efforts and consistent passions. In 2007, intending to make our products more cost-efficient with better quality, we started to operate downstream in the supply chain and build up direct contacts with more agriculture suppliers, and Agfabric became to come into people’s eyes from then, we're proud to provide diverse categories of gardening products for customers worldwide. In 2022, in order to better meet the users' horticultural needs and provide better one-stop service,we began to enrich the categories of horticultural products on the basis of the original Agfabric, and changed the name of the store to Gardenport. Today,you can find more products needed in the planting process in our shop. Our story will continue…


What We Value

Gardening is a great way to not only grow your own food, but also nourish your spirits, keep us connected to living things and gain so much fun. Besides producing great products, we put much attention to how gardening improve people’s health and moods. By doing business innovatively and unexpectedly, we hope to make some difference of your life and boost your well-being.


Our Products

Unlike other manufacturers and retailers, we are industry experts. In the early years, agriculture is a crucial part of us, if you are a gardening lover just like us, sometimes you might inevitably face to difficulties such as plant freezing, sunburn, weeds, pests, etc., but don’t worry, you can find solutions on us. We professionally design and produce fabric products for various applications, such as sunblock shade cloth, row cover, frost cover, weed barrier, etc. We boast a wealth of more specifications and more reasonable prices than competitors, which can meet all your requirements. For example, we provide commercial grade garden netting and other items for customers who have special demands such as farmers. With competitive price, we are trustful suppliers for many well-known distribution companies worldwide. We are grateful that our product collections are results of hard work, innovation, and significant time invested in the process.


Our Service

When we look back on the road we took, one of the rightest things we’ve done is always caring what our customers care about. From the start of our business to nowadays, we dedicated to making more people access to high-quality products with a relatively fair price, we listen carefully to our customers, we believe the more we get closer to customers and the community, the more likely could we make products better, which remains one of our core values today.

At Gardenport, our extraordinary services will never let you down, for example, we offer customized service, tell us what you want and we will make it come true, no matter via live chat, phone call or e-mail, we are always here, stand with you, listen to you, and tried our best to meet your demands. Don’t hesitate to let us help.