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Product Details
  • 4ft/5ft/6ft/6.5ft x 300ft
  • 3.0oz
  • Strong & sturdy pp woven fabric
  • Black

Features and Benefits

Our high-quality PP Woven Weed Barrier can be repeatedly pulled and durable.It has strong water permeability, and there are gaps between flat wires, all of which have good seepage function.

GOOD DRAINAGE: This material increase quadruple water permeability than traditional woven ground cover; So air and water flow through more easily and helpful for plants root respiration.

GUIDELINE: Green lines are incorporated into the roll and appear every foot as a guide to help align plants.

VERSATILE: It can be used everwhere such as weed control, seedbed protection floor surface protection, beauty courtyard, fixed vegetation etc.

COROSSION RESISTANCE: Soil and water in different PH levels can endure corrosion for a long time.

EASY TO CUT: It is easy to cut it to to any size you want and easy to stake into the ground.

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