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Product Details
  • Strong & sturdy polypropylene
  • 6.5ftx15ft,6.5ftx35ft,6.5ftx50ft,6.5ftx20ft,6.5ftx30ft
  • over 3+ years of life expentancy

    Features and Benefits

    Preventing fruit trees, berries, bushes, shrubs, plants, flowers, and vegetables from the damage of birds and small animals, our mesh provides the best physical protection without all of the downsides of using toxic chemicals.

    Don't let birds, deer, and other critters ruin your harvest and feast on your product before you get a chance to. This is ideal for blueberry netting, this effective deterrent works best as an outdoor cover for tomatoes, strawberries, blueberries, fig, cherry, and other fruit trees. Keep pest birds away and your crop peck-free this summer.

    You will enjoy a hassle-free installation; it will not snag on leaves and branches and can be cut to any size to meet multiple garden purposes. It can be used with garden fencing, a fence screen or as a temporary measure.

    Made from durable polypropylene, our bird netting is tough enough to withstand the negative effects of the sun and wind throughout the year.