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Product Details
  • 5.0oz
  • Strong & sturdy needle-punched fabric
  • Black

Features and Benefits

HEAVY-DUTY: This fabric is our thickest weed barrier; It is composed of traditional woven base fabric with a fuzzy non-woven fabric needle-punched through it make thicker and fuzzier.

GOOD DRAINAG: This material increase quadruple water permeability than traditional woven ground cover; So air and water flow through more easily and helpful for plants root respiration.

GUIDELINE: Green lines are incorporated into the roll and appear every foot as a guide to help align plants.

MADE TO LAST: Two-layered needle-punched fabric featured with UV stabilized to make the cover last for years.

EASY TO CUT: Itfts easy to cut it to any size you want and easy to stake into the ground.

VERSATILE: It can be used everwhere such as weed control, seedbed protection floor surface protection, beauty courtyard, fixed vegetation etc.

COROSSION RESISTANCE: Soil and water in different PH levels can endure corrosion for a long time.