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UV protection, allowed light transmission, also cold resistant and water proof. Plastic sheeting covers all your needs whether it is for single season or full-year. Supply perfect growing conditions-light, temperature, humidity.
  • Use high-grade olefin raw materials, low haze, high transparency, high light transmission rate and low scattering rate, will be rapidly warming in the morning
  • Use anti-fog spray coating drying treatment, can inhibit the production of fog, eliminate fog drops can be achieved with the plastic film life in synchronization
  • Use high-tech special organic insulation agent, so that the shed outside the infrared radiation is mostly reflected back, to ensure that the crop growth temperature at night, shortening the maturity
  • Promote the greenhouse light enough, warm, fast release, relative humidity decreased, pests and diseases on the light, UV through more, bactericidal performance is good, very suitable for green vegetable cultivation
  • Light transmission performance, strong photosynthesis, high temperature, yield naturally high