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Light-weight frost blanket provides up to 28?? F frost protection and 85% light transmission and traps heat and moisture to speed germination and extend the growing season, therefore produce higher, better and earlier crop yields. Plant blanket fabric in various ounces helps your plant survive in cold weather. Heavier fabrics will do a better job of keeping warm.
  • Reusable durable material: the fabric is sturdy to last long-time use which can be reused year after year
  • Main function: perfect for warming the soil and protecting young plants as well as wrapping around palms, shrubs and fruit trees, floating row cover can protect your crops from frosts and even heavy freezes
  • Other functions: you can also use it in the spring to fend off insects or in the summer protects against too much sun
  • Easy installation: measured size as described, easy to cover it on the plant top personally
  • Size: 14 ft. x 15 ft., allow 30% to 50% light transmission, available in other sizes