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Bamboo garden stakes for nursery support are very suitable for supporting trees, fruits and flowers in gardening. They are also an excellent material for hand crafting bamboo and rattan. Bamboo material is also very environmentally friendly and very strong, straight and of good quality to ensure long-term stability.

  • Good quality - bamboo stake is handcrafted from high quality natural bamboo, not only are they very eco-friendly and durable, each has a guaranteed quality to support your plants
  • Versatile - suitable for indoor and outdoor plants such as pots, houseplants, tomatoes, beans, etc., this plant stake is a great support for your vegetables and flowers or building trellises
  • Natural material - natural bamboo material makes it very Eco-friendly, helpful for your plants and reusable
  • Easy to install - just drop the slim and strong plant stake into the ground, it is easy to cut to any length and can be cut to the desired length according to your needs
  • Dimensions - 1.5 /3/4/5/6ft. tall, each pack contains 100 sturdy steel stakes and is also very light overall