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Agfabric weed control fabric helps with drainage and keeps the groud clean, landscape and guiding. Widely used for weed barrier, irrigation work, road paving, building project. Agfabric landscape tarp performs well in filter, drainage, isolation, protection and reinforcement. Weed control cloth prevents direct sunlight. Strong structure of the fabric itself prevents weed or grass from going through, effectively inhibit the growth of weed or grass. Timely exclusion of ground water keeps the ground clean. Rapid drainage of surface water together with the pebble layer and sand layer under the ground cloth can effectively inhibit the reverse osmosis of soil particles.
  • Premium material: high quality weed barrier fabric is made of woven polypropylene material
  • Eco-friendly design: chemical-free and won't harm your yard's ecosystem durable heavy-duty weed barrier garden fabric will last many years against UV deterioration water cleaning to be reusable
  • High permeability: our weed barrier can transmit water and air, preserving the soil moisture fabric allows air and water through, superior permeability to keep the soil nourished, but still keeps weeds away you will never need to worry about puddles forming on top of the material
  • Easy to install and use: easy to lay down and holds down with staples to the wind, cut an x into the weed barrier with a pair of scissors in the desired location for new plants, dig a hole under the x and position the plant and then cover the roots with soil
  • Wide use: landscape fabric weed barrier works great as an underlayer for artificial grass, vegetable garden, flower bed, ground cover, garden walkways, gravel pathways, driveways