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Agfabric natural burlap is Ideal for weed barrier, erosion control, wind and shade screen, tree protection, garden netting fabric, in plant care or landscaping, you can use burlap to insulate plants during winter or shade them from the Sun during hot summer months. Burlap is a must-have for your garden and beyond. Our natural jute burlap fabric is absorbable, breathable and breaks down naturally. It is sure to be an excellent garden accessory.
  • Wide range of uses natural burlap is Ideal for weed barrier, Erosion control, wind and shade screen, protecting root balls and plants and tree, garden netting fabric
  • Easily compostable make an easy composite pile with burlap liner, add fallen leaves, vegetable wastes to the garden bed and cover it with burlap roll, it till turn into the compost pile by spring
  • Easy to use fasten the burlap to the base of the tree, then spiral up to the appropriate height and cut where needed, then fasten with rope, easy and fast without complicated auxiliary tools
  • Eco-friendly 100% eco-friendly, resuable, good breathability, biodegrade burlap rolls made from fine quality natural jute burlap