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The role and maintenance of green plants

Green plants can be said to be the best decorations for home decoration now. It can not only decorate our homes, but also purify our indoor air. It is also a natural air purifier while being beautiful, but the maintenance of green plants is It is not a small knowledge. After all, there are many types of green plants, and the cultivation of different plants is not exactly the same. If the maintenance is not done properly, the plants will die. So let's take a look at the knowledge of indoor green plant maintenance.

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Green Plant Introduction
Green plants are the abbreviation of green ornamental foliage plants, mostly produced in tropical rainforests and subtropical regions, and are generally shade plants. Because of its strong shade tolerance, it can be grown and maintained indoors as an indoor ornamental plant.

Common green plants are: green radish, Brazilian wood, rich tree, sanwei sunflower, spider plant, green apple, sapphire, dragon blood tree, sansevieria, green giant, green emperor, black beauty, etc., all of which are based on leaf shape and leaf color. , plant type, etc.

Green function

1. Relieve fatigue

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If the pothos occupies 25% of the visual field, it can eliminate eye fatigue. Therefore, placing green plants indoors can not only play the role of room decoration, create a good indoor environment, but also make people relax in the tense work. Adjusting emotions The volatile substances released by aromatic plants can regulate people's emotions very well. The fragrances emitted by some flowers can change people's listless state and boost their spirits, while others have the effect of calming and helping sleep.

2. Air purification
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Most plants carry out photosynthesis during the day, absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen, and carry out respiration at night to absorb oxygen and release carbon dioxide. But there are also some plants such as cacti, which are just the opposite. In order to avoid water loss during the day, the stomata are closed, and the oxygen produced by photosynthesis is released after the stomata are opened at night. Since plants have this "complementary" function, raising two types of plants in the same room can balance the content of oxygen and carbon dioxide in the room and keep the indoor air fresh. Studies have also shown that orchids, taro, and osmanthus are natural dust collectors. The cilia on their plants can intercept and absorb floating particles and smoke in the air. If there is a sufficient number of these plants in the room, the level of floating microorganisms and airborne dust in the room will be reduced.

3. Adjust humidity

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After the water is absorbed by the indoor plants, it is released into the air through the transpiration of the leaves, which can play a role in regulating the air humidity. This function is particularly important in the dry north and in air-conditioned airtight rooms. Generally speaking, the relative humidity in the room should not be lower than 30%. If the humidity is too low or too high, it will have adverse effects on human health. Planting some plants that have high requirements for moisture indoors, such as pothos, ivy, rhododendron, ferns, etc., will increase the indoor humidity in a natural way and become a natural humidifier.

4. Sterilization by taking drugs

With the improvement of living standards, room decoration is essential, and those decoration materials more or less contain toxic substances. Some flowers have strong anti-toxic ability and can absorb certain toxic gases in the air, such as sulfur dioxide, formaldehyde, hydrogen chloride and so on. Some foliage plants also have the effect of absorbing radioactive substances. The volatile oil emitted by some flowers has a significant bactericidal function and can make the indoor air clean and hygienic.

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Green Plant Maintenance
1. The plant is plump and strong, with a natural and well-proportioned plant type. The leaf surface is clean and bright, free of dust, dirt, obvious disease spots, obvious pest damage, and no residual pests.

2. The plant has no residual branches and yellow leaves. If there is a little yellow tail on the leaf tip, it should be trimmed reasonably to keep the plant shape beautiful and natural.

3. Ensure that the plants see dry and wet, do not water too much, and do not lack water, so as to maintain the water demand of plants for growth.

4. Keep the flower pots and bottom plates of plants clean and tidy, free of dirt, and free of sundries and garbage in the flower pots, and replace damaged and incomplete flower pots and bottom plates in time to ensure that there are no rotten pots or bad pots in the field. After each maintenance, clean up the site and keep it clean.

5. During the maintenance of flowers and plants, in order to ensure their growth needs, fertilizers must be applied regularly. The fertilizers applied should be odorless, non-toxic organic fertilizers or high-efficiency inorganic fertilizers.


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