From August 22, 2022, Agfabric has officially changed its name to Gardenport.

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The introduction about pre-order products

In order to thank customers for their support of Agfabric products, we have developed many new products according to customer needs. You can book the product you are interested in advance.

However, since it is still in the production stage, it is in a pre-sale state now.Let’s
Let us introduce you in detail how to buy pre-sale products:

  1. Search the products you are interested and you’ll find the buttom for Prer-Order:


  1. When you torch the mouse, you’ll  see the estimated delivery time of this product:


  1. Now, you just need to clik your mouse and add it in your cart:


  1. Next, you need to check out,so please click the button of check out:


  1. Then, you need to fillout the contact information and shipping address, click the button of continue to shipping:


  1. At last,click the button of continu to payment and choose tha way of payment,click the button of complete order to finish your order:



At this point, your order has been completed. We will arrange package delivery for you before the estimated delivery time ASAP. Just please wait the parcel patiently and feel free to contact with us. We’ll provide the best service for you and solve any problems you meet about the pre-order.

Thanks for your support and reading !


  • Jun 20, 2020
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