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Snow Stakes With Reflective Tape
Snow stakes with reflective tape are much more noticeable, providing a clear boundary even in minimal light. Even though they’re more expensive, the increased visibility can justify the cost, especially for irregularly shaped plots and curved drives.
Non-reflective markers are best suited to straightaways or areas where visibility isn’t as vital. For areas that accumulate deep snow, you might try driving a non-reflective marker into the ground, then attaching a reflective one to the top. This will give the stake greater height and save you some cash by using a less costly marker as the base.
If you need to use reflective markers but also want to cut down on cost, try alternating stake types; one reflective first, then a non-reflective, and then another reflective, and so on. This will keep expenses low but still protect your equipment and property from damage.
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  • Oct 27, 2021
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