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Plant Covers For Sun Protection

Climate and plant are a pair of happy enemy, so-called "everlasting sometimes do, this hate continuous no unique period" : at one time sword frost cold, at one time extreme heat, the normal growth law of the plant was disrupted frequently. Hot summer is imminent, how to prevent plants and soil sunburn is an urgent need.


Plant shade

Not all shading methods are suitable. Large gardens may need more shade than small ones...... The best that suits you. First of all, you have to figure out where the plants are, and then you have to think about the aesthetics and practicality of the facilities.


A fence
The fence takes away a lot of heat. As the sun rises in the east and sets in the west, the fence's role is to regulate the duration of shade and sunlight.

Shade cover
Use translucent shade cover, no matter the plant is young or stout, can get very good care.

Shade umbrella
The practical use of the shade umbrella, not only beautiful shape, but also to provide the needed shade.


Make a simple shade cover

Unlike other forms of shade (which can last for several hours a day), shade covers can block the sun all day long. Let's make one:

1. Buy shade cloth (transmittance of about 50%- 75%). Had better be in the cloth with strong shading performance of garden shop choose and buy, the cloth shading of cotton of general household use or other material can be discounted greatly.

2. Stand four pillars around the plants that need shading. Make sure the four pillars are of equal height.

3. Measure plants. The length to width ratio of the cloth is determined, the adjustment is adjusted, and the cutting is cut.

4. Cut the fabric to the size of a plant. Leave 15 to 20 centimeters of extra space, more for tall trees.

5. Nail the cut shade cloth on the support to ensure that the cloth is tight and will not fall in the middle.


A variety of covers:

1.True type

2. Contracted type

3. Type of security

4. Simple and rough


Shading cloth cooling principle

You may notice that the temperature of the shade cloth increases over time as it absorbs all the heat, resulting in the air temperature under the cloth being much cooler than the rest of the garden.

If your shade cloth blocks 50 percent of the light, it will reduce heat by 50 percent. If the shade cloth cools by 75%, the air temperature under the cloth will also be reduced by 75%. The rate of cooling depends on the location of the garden, the type of plant that receives shade, and the amount of light the plant needs each day.


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