From August 22, 2022, Agfabric has officially changed its name to Gardenport.

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How to support tomato plants?
The rattan climbing flower rack in the courtyard can be used not only for shading and rest, but also for covering relevant parts or decorating the landscape of the courtyard. Flower racks are generally made of rigid materials with different shapes, mainly providing climbing fulcrums for climbing plants. The commonly used building materials for flower racks include bamboo, wood, reinforced concrete, stone and metal materials. When designing the garden climbing flower rack, in addition to considering the price, maintenance method and service life of the flower rack building materials, we should also consider whether it matches the overall style of the courtyard.
Such as plastic coated steel piles, but will not rust. Flexible as bamboo pile, but not broken, rotten or worn. It can be used as tomato pile, cucumber pile and tree support. It can also be used as a marker post or fence pin, which is easy to install - just put the sharp end into the ground. Easy to cut into any length, it is very suitable for building trestles or tents with natural climbing plant support functions - to protect soft plants, such as vines, shrubs, tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, perennials or other flowering plants, to obtain the required light, while limiting the movement of plants to avoid damage.
The expandable garden grid is a perfect climbing plant bracket, which can also be used as a fence, divider and expandable door for short and tall plants. They are connected by rivets, strong and rotatable. LED lights can be installed on this flower rack to decorate your walls and garden at festive parties, and small objects can also be hung to create a beautiful garden environment.
Agfabric plant support has excellent UV resistance and chemical corrosion resistance It is more suitable for growth than bamboo piles and wood piles, and is durable and does not rust. With tapered end structure, it is easy to install. You can cut easily according to the length you need. It has a long service life and is a relatively cost-effective plant scaffold. It is suitable for supporting young plants, eggplant piles, lentil piles and tree piles, and is very suitable for building scaffolds or tents supported by natural climbing plants. 
Bamboo garden piles are very suitable for supporting trees, fruits and flowers in gardening. They are also excellent materials for hand-made bamboo and rattan. The bamboo material is also very environmentally friendly, very strong, straight and of good quality, ensuring long-term stability. Suitable for indoor and outdoor plants, such as potted plants, indoor plants, tomatoes, beans, etc. It is a natural environmental protection material.
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