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Do you know how to prevent weeds

The best way to prevent weeds from spreading throughout the garden is to stop them before they take root. Knowing how to prevent weeds means not working all at once, but continuing. However, even those who pull weeds are reluctant to do so because they know that it will take less time to eliminate weeds when they appear, or quickly after they sprout than to eliminate identified weed infestation. Consider the following steps for a weed-free gardening experience.

1.Cultivate carefully

When creating a new flower bed, you cannot avoid farming or hand cultivation. This is the best way to aerate the soil and incorporate organic matter. What you don't see are weed seeds buried under the surface of the soil. Moving them to the top of the soil wakes them up and prompts them to germinate. Once you have built a new garden bed, you should avoid unnecessary farming unless absolutely necessary.

2.cover your raised bed

An effective and natural option to prevent weeds from occupying the garden is through the use of mulch. Apply a 5 cm thick organic cover to the garden area, taking care to avoid the bases of individual plants and shrubs. The mulch not only helps the soil retain moisture, it can also kill any small weeds and create an unfriendly environment for cultivated weed seeds. Although non-organic coverings last longer than organic coverings such as pine needles, cedar and leaves, they do not break down to create a healthy soil environment.

3.Plant closely

Weeds just like the open, sunny spaces between garden plants. Plant vegetables, flowers and shrubs at the closest recommended pitch. Consider using block spacing instead of growing in rows to eliminate open areas where weeds tend to pop.

4. Eliminating free-riders

Seedlings from your local nursery can bring new weeds to your garden. Even in a nursery environment, weed seeds are ideal for spreading. Double check all new transplants to make sure they don't bring any unwanted friends. If you find weed seeds or bean sprouts, just pull them out and transplant them into your garden.

5. Pull

It looks endless, but it will be rewarding to keep weeding your garden. For each weed removal before sowing, you effectively eliminated hundreds of offspring. Commit to weeding programs and stick to them. The best time to weed is when the soil is wet and the grass is small. Gently pull weeds to their bases (interfering with the soil as little as possible) and discard them away from the garden. If you encounter a difficult root, insert a sharp knife or CapeCod weeder into the ground to cut weeds from the root without disturbing the ground or covering it.

6.Creating an arid environment

If you water the entire garden, the open space will be a perfect breeding ground for weeds. At the base of the garden plants, use soaking hoses to add moisture where needed to remove weeds. By watering these areas, you can narrow down where weeds may suddenly appear.

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