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How to choose curtains for different sites

The curtain is one of the key points of the soft decoration of the home. Its main role is not only to isolate from the outside, maintain the privacy of the interior, but also to assist the decoration. The curtain that matches the decoration style will make the whole home more colorful. Especially in recent years, the curtain has more combination in practicality and decoration. Nowadays, the curtain can not only reduce the light and shade the light to meet the needs of people in the home for different light intensities, but also has the functions of warmth, noise reduction, heat insulation, UV protection and flame retardancy. In addition, there are more choices in color and texture.

Let's share the selection methods and skills of household curtains so that you will not be dazzled when choosing curtains.

How to buy curtains at home
For the purchase of curtains, it is actually a headache. I always feel that there are too many factors to consider, and I always feel that there is no way to start. It will be much easier to consider from the following three directions.
1、 Choose curtain style and color matching according to home decoration style
The design and style of curtains should be consistent with the decoration style. For example, if the decoration is European style and American style, the style and color matching of the curtains should be close to this style. If the style of home decoration belongs to the modern and Nordic style, the curtains with solid color or cool color matching will be more suitable.

2、 Select the function of the curtain according to the position (material) .
For the selection of curtain functionality, we need to see its hanging position. In short, it is the living room, bedroom, bathroom or other positions.
Let's talk about the living room first. The living room is not only the embodiment of the whole household style, but also bears the functions of reception and entertainment. In terms of function, the main role of the curtains in the living room is generally to adjust the indoor light, and the requirements for shading are relatively low. After all, if the curtains in the living room are too light shielded, the room will easily appear too dark. Therefore, the curtains of the living room will generally choose lighter and thinner materials. On the one hand, they can make the indoor light more bright and visually expand the space. On the other hand, they can also play a role in setting off the overall style of the living room.

The bedroom is a private space for rest. Double layer curtains are selected for the selection of curtains. One layer of gauze curtain ensures privacy. The other layer of cloth curtain can be considered as the fabric curtain of suede material, which has good shading, heat insulation and sound insulation effects. The south bedroom should pay more attention to the effect of shading and heat insulation, while the curtains of the north bedroom are relatively casual. If the house is near the roadside, you can also choose heavy fabric curtains to further improve the sound and noise reduction effect.

For the bathroom, this position has special requirements for curtains. As the bathroom is relatively humid, the selection of materials should be moisture-proof. Besides paying attention to privacy, it also has better light transmission. It is necessary to further disperse the darkness and humidity of this space. Generally speaking, polyester material roller shutter, aluminum sheet or PVC material shutter are very good choices.

3、 Select the curtain hanging mode and type according to the type and shape of the window
Generally speaking, there are three kinds of windows: half window, floor to ceiling window and floating window. Therefore, when we choose curtains, we should match the curtains according to the types of our own windows.
There are also three kinds of hanging methods of curtains, namely, horizontal pull type, lifting type and opening and closing type, all of which have corresponding window types.

The curtain materials are cotton, linen, flannel, high-precision and so on, but most of the curtain materials on the market are polyester fibers or polyester fiber blended fabrics. Polyester fiber is what we commonly call "polyester". Even those that look like cotton and linen are polyester. The advantages of using it for curtains are that it is straight, durable, wrinkle resistant, sagging, non sticky, and no cotton has faded and shrunk. It is also more durable and easy to handle than linen. It is very suitable for making curtains, so there is no need to worry about material selection.

The curtain is not only an important medium for sunshade, heat insulation and adjustment of indoor light, but also an excellent home decoration, which silently tells the temperament of the space and the aesthetic taste of the host.

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