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How to choose and use the shade net correctly

Shade net is the most important tool for shading and cooling in summer. It can protect plants and people from high temperature exposure. It can also be wrapped on tree trunks to keep warm in winter. It is a very important tool in the garden.

Choosing a shade net for your garden may seem complicated, but it's actually very simple, you just need to choose the right shade net according to the shade percentage of the shade net!

1. The choice of shading rate
The percentage of shading refers to the shading rate. The higher the shading rate, the more sunlight can be blocked, and the less sunlight can penetrate the shading net, and the better the shading effect will be.

Use a shading net with a shading rate of about 30-60%, and when used correctly, it can reduce the temperature under the shading net by 5-10 ¬įC, which can significantly help plants block the scorching sun and reduce the temperature. It is this model.

The shading rate is 30%, the higher the shading rate, the denser the mesh

The shading rate is 50%.

The shading rate of 30-60% is a commonly used shading rate. Except for plants that are not heat-resistant, some plants that are in the flowering period in summer but are worried about their flowers being scorched can also be placed under it for shade.

If the maximum temperature will reach above 40 ‚ĄÉ, the shading rate must be higher to achieve the purpose of cooling, and a shading net with 70-90% shading rate can be used.

In order to meet different lighting needs, shading nets with high shading rate also have different color options, common beige, black, blue and stripes, etc.

The shading rate is 90%, black

The shading rate is 90%, beige


2. Correct use of sunshade nets
Whether the sunshade net can work or not is directly related to the correct use method. In general, the sunshade net should be hung on the top of the plant, and the distance between the sunshade net and the plant should be more than 1.2 meters, leaving enough space for Air circulation removes excess heat.

The sunshade net can be fixed with a steel wire rope, or it can be tied to the gallery frame and the arch bracket.

In places where the sun is in the west or obliquely, the sunshade net can be hung diagonally to block the sun.

In addition, different plants have different requirements for the shading rate. Plants that are not heat-resistant need to be in an environment with a shading rate of 30%-60%, or even 70-90%, and plants that can grow normally in summer if they are in such an environment In the environment, the lack of sunlight will cause leggy growth and reduced flower volume.It is reasonable to use shade nets to separate plants that need shade from those that don't.

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