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How And Why We Use Shade Cloth

There are three periods in summer, and July is the hottest period of the year. When heat-resistant plants struggle to survive, sunshade nets need to be used correctly to ensure that plants grow well.


Shade cloth is the most important tool for shade and cooling in summer. It can protect plants and people from the suffering of high-temperature exposure, and play a role in blocking light, rain, moisture, and cooling. In winter, it can also be wrapped on the tree trunk for heat preservation, so it is a very important tool in the garden.


shade net

Shade cloth is widely used in roof, balcony, window, car hood, and other sunshade cooling; Vegetable greenhouses, flowers, fruit trees seedlings, cultivation of edible fungi and all kinds of farm cooling, heat preservation. Sunshade net has a sunshade, cooling, moisturizing, rainstorm prevention, wind resistance, and reduce the spread of pests and other functions.


Choosing a shade cloth for your garden seems very complicated, but in fact, it is very simple. You can choose the right shade cloth according to the sunshade percentage of the shade cloth!


shade cloth


  1. Selection of shading rate

The shading percentage refers to the shading rate. The higher the shading rate, the more sunlight can be blocked, and the less sunlight can penetrate the shading net, so the better the shading effect is naturally.

The use of a shading net with a shading rate of 40-60% or so, and after proper use, can reduce the temperature of 5-10℃ under the shading net, which can significantly help plants shade from the hot sun and reduce the temperature. This model is commonly used for plants that are not heat resistant in summer.



The shading rate is 65%, the higher the shading rate, the denser the mesh

The shading rate is 80%. The higher the shading rate, the denser the mesh


Shading rate in 40-60% is commonly used shading rate, in addition to the heat resistant plants can be used, some summer is in the flowering period, but worried about being burnt flowers of plants, can also be placed under its shade.


If the maximum temperature will reach more than 40℃, the shading rate will be higher to achieve the purpose of cooling, you can use a shading net with an 80% shading rate.


2, the correct use of shade cloth

Whether the sunshade net can play a role is directly related to the correct use method. In general, the sunshade net should be hung on the top of the plant. There should be more than 1.2 meters between the sunshade net and the plant, and enough space should be left to allow the air circulation to take away excess heat.

Wire rope can be used to fix the sunshade net, can also be tied on the gallery frame, arch support.

In the west bask in, the place that inclines basks in can hang sunshade net inclinedly keep out sunshine.

 shade cloth

In addition, different plants have different requirements for shading rates. The heat-resistant plants need to be in an environment of 40%-60% or even 80% shading rate. If the plants themselves can grow normally in summer in such an environment, they will suffer from the lack of sunlight, resulting in futility and reduced flower quantity.


Therefore, it is reasonable to place the plants that need shade and those that do not need shade separately when using a shade net.

 shade  cloth

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