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Grow vegetable seeds indoors in winter
  1. After selecting the appliance, soil is the first important, and the bottom fertilizer is the most important. It is suggested to use microbial fertilizer or granular water-soluble fertilizer for bottom fertilizer, which can be both spread and drip irrigation. For example, there are many kinds of bacteria with 2 billion/grams of bacteria, which can loosen the soil and enhance soil activity, so that vegetables can grow strong and healthy.
  2. The best winter vegetable seedlings in late September, early October began to cultivate, and then transplant, such vegetables are the most easy to grow up.
  3. If you want to use seeds for planting, you also need to grow seedlings in a warm, sunny place. About November, you should cover with mulching film, so as to ensure the speed of hair and seedling rate. Because of low ground temperature and insufficient sunlight, it is possible to cause long leg seedlings, such dishes are not good for growing. And remember not to plant the seeds too close together.
  4. Plenty of water and fertilizer are important. If you want vegetables to grow strong, you need to fertilize them every two weeks.
  5. In winter, although the indoor temperature is ok, but the air humidity is not enough, so we need to cover a simple greenhouse for vegetables. I put a plastic bag on the vegetable box, so as to ensure that the leaves are green, if there is no this plastic bag, the leaves in winter are easy to dry up. But remember to lift the bag and air it for 1-2 hours each morning and evening.
  6. insect control, indoor air circulation in winter is slow, so cucumbers, water spinach, these love insects, must be insect control, can use soap water, hot pepper water.

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The above is the note of winter vegetables, it is recommended that the temperature of the leaf vegetables should be kept above 10 degrees, otherwise even if the buds grow slowly.

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