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Great way to covering a vegetable garden

How can you enjoy the fun of growing vegetables in your own vegetable garden in autumn and winter?
Home gardeners are always faced with problems. That is, uncovered vegetable crops are vulnerable to pests and natural disasters.

More and more gardening enthusiasts are investing in covers for their gardens.

Garden bed cover types

Garden bed covers include growing tunnels, row covers and greenhouse films, all of which can help protect your plants in any season.

Some tips: Before planning any covers for your garden, you need to decide what you want to protect your vegetable crops from.

And, you can achieve many of these cover types with some simple DIYs. You can also try different methods.

Row cover

Floating row covers are great for protecting vegetables. They come in different thicknesses for you to choose from. Choose thicker sizes, recommended for frost protection and season extension, and can be used from seed to harvest for many crops (e.g. beets, beans, salad greens).

The row cover fabric is a high-quality spun polypropylene fabric that is UV stable and reusable, allowing essential air and moisture to reach your plants.

Garden row covers protect a variety of plants such as tomatoes, peppers, pumpkins, strawberries. Our plant covers are made of sturdy fabric that can withstand different outdoor environments. The best choice to prevent frost, freezing damage and insect damage in winter. It's sturdy and can be reused year after year..

Greenhouse Film

Greenhouse plastic films, also known as agricultural plastics, polyethylene films and greenhouse plastics, are ideal for single- and double-layer greenhouse applications and offer five advantages:
1. Using high-grade olefin raw materials, low haze and high transparency. High light transmittance and low scattering, it will heat up quickly in the morning.Greenhouse film 6Mil is our most common and commonly used thickness.
2. The use of anti-fog spray drying treatment can inhibit the generation of fog, eliminate fog droplets, and achieve the same life span as the plastic film.
3. Use high-tech special organic heat insulating agents to reflect most of the infrared radiation outside the shed. Ensure the growth temperature of crops at night and shorten the maturity period.
4. Promote the greenhouse to have sufficient light, warmth, and rapid release, and the relative humidity will decrease, so that pests and diseases will be less severe. It transmits more ultraviolet rays and has good bactericidal properties, making it very suitable for growing green vegetables.
5. Polyethylene greenhouse film has good light transmittance, strong photosynthesis, high temperature resistance and high natural yield.

Different widths available: 6feet,6.5ft,12 feet, 16 feet, 20 feet

Different thickness: 1.2Mil, 2.4Mil, 3.1Mil, 3.9Mil, 5.5Mil, 6Mil

Grow Tunnel

  • Pre-assembled design saves you time, choose the length, width and height you need
  • High stability, innovative metal row cover greenhouse hoops can penetrate soil up to 5 feet, the tunnel will be more stable and durable
  • Premium heavy-duty garden fabric that is UV stable for long-term use and is lightweight and breathable
  • Premium heavy-duty garden fabric that is UV stable for long term use and light and moisture-permeable
  • Multi-side window design allows for ventilation, watering, and fertilizing of your plants, and the windows can be easily opened and closed with Velcro
  • Frost protection protects crops, vegetables, and flowers from winter frost and harsh weather. Can be used for seed germination and frost protection
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