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Integration Of Garden Transformation Skills

From the "garden", A vast expanse of flowers and grass often springs to mind,  Little imagine, Due to improper collocation and management, Real life gardens can be messy, How to transform,  To make the garden look new?  


A beautiful garden requires a few tips. If we can carefully design the style selection, overall layout, sketch design and plant configuration according to the shape of the building, we will certainly get satisfactory results.  


Style selection -- the most important part of garden renovation  


The courtyard is decorated by the owner according to his own personality and style. Like everyone's clothes, it reflects his own personality and conforms to his own taste.  Common styles are as follows:  


Simplified type


If the owner of a garden is too busy to maintain it, he or she can choose to build a garden that does not require constant maintenance.  


In the design, live plants can be considered to match with other materials (such as pebbles, inlaid grass floor, etc.), and plants with hard and thick texture and extensive management are used (such as Shicaopu, Yingwei, ophiopogon, etc.).  


In addition to making your garden more vibrant by using the right color palette, it will not only improve the landscape, but also reduce the need to prune, irrigate, or fertilize the plants.  


Rule type


If the owner has enough time and interest to maintain the plants in the garden regularly and carefully, then try more regular layout techniques (such as box trees, masts, rhododendrons, heather are trimmed into neat hedges or balls), which not only reflect the master's superb skills, but also make the environment more colorful and delicate.  



Natural type


In medium and small gardens, small pieces of trees, lawns or potted flowers can be irregularly planted to soften the rough roads and building silhouettes.  Especially low, flat lawn, can provide people activity and more intimate feeling, still can make the garden in the visual increase many.  



The flower type


In the corner or edge of the garden planted a variety of perennial flowers, different kinds of flowers at random, colorful, strong contrast.  The space of surplus can lay ground, place the garden soft outfit that chair of rocking chair, table stool, parasol rests for host again next.  




These four elements should not be neglected when transforming your garden  


After determining the style of the garden, we should reasonably plan the road floor, garden ornaments, plant configuration forms and so on on the drawings.  The layout should be simple and the color harmonious.  

If the garden area is small, then the arrangement of plants should be small, small number, must not be too crowded, otherwise it will become a nasty hodgepodge.  



About the setting of the garden sketch  


Exploring the consistency of interior and exterior design is also an indispensable aspect in the renovation of courtyard.  Among them, the style characteristics of the courtyard pieces are particularly important. As for the consistency between indoor and outdoor, special attention should be paid to the following points:  

  1. Form a unified
  2. The style is unified
  3. Colour is unified



About Plant Design


Plant arrangement, also known as planting design, is a vital part of making a garden vibrant and harmonious. The following requirements should be followed for good plant configuration:


Meet growth conditions


Before configuring plants, we should first understand whether the soil in the garden is acidic or alkaline; Is the terrain dry or waterlogged; How the whole garden faces; Is there good light and ventilation...


After considering these factors, we should choose the suitable plant species according to the different ecological requirements of plants, such as Yang, Yin, dry, shade and wet, and acid. Only when the plants grow well, can we make the design of small gardens successful.


Shade Cloth & Protect Your Plants from the Extreme Summer Heat.


Summers can get pretty hot but not just for people. Plants can get too much sun as well leading to bad growth or spoiled produce. Shade cloth can be a great way to protect you and your veggies from the harsh rays.


A nice garden makes one feel more comfortable,

If the garden no longer satisfies your desire for beauty,

You can try a makeover,

A new garden is sure to put you in a new mood.

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