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Common methods of vegetable seed germination

Common methods of vegetable seed germination

plant seed
Sprouting is the most common and critical step in planting. As for the vegetables we eat every day, the success of sprouting is equivalent to the completion of the first task. Therefore, the sprouting methods of common vegetable seeds are briefly described. Remember to collect them!


Celery seed
Immerse seeds in water for 12-24 hours, then rinse with water and rub with hands. After the seed coat is rubbed, spread out and air the seeds. After the seed moisture is slightly dry, wrap it with a wet cloth, put it in a cool place at about 20 ℃ to promote germination, and seed it after 3-4 days.


Spinach seed
Immerse seeds in water for 12-24 hours, fully stir in water, and accelerate germination at 10-15 ℃. After 3-4 days, most seeds can be sown when they germinate.


Lettuce seed
After the seeds are washed, immerse the seeds for 5-10 hours, take them out and put them under the low temperature of 5 ℃ for one day and one night, then spread them on a wet towel, cover them with a layer of gauze to keep them moist, and accelerate the germination in the room. After 1-2 days of sowing, keep the soil moist, and it is better not to cover the soil.


1. Seed Soaking with liquid medicine
The virus in the seed belt can be inactivated by soaking in 10% trisodium phosphate solution for 20 minutes or 0.2% potassium permanganate solution for 20-30 minutes.
2. Seed soaking
Generally, seeds are soaked in 50-55 ℃ warm water, and the seeds should be continuously stirred in the warm water. When the water temperature drops to 30 ℃, the stirring should be stopped, and the seeds should be soaked for 3-4 hours. However, it is necessary to prevent the seeds from being scalded by too high water temperature, or the seeds from dying in the room due to too long soaking time. After the seeds are soaked, the seeds should be cooled for a while, wrapped with gauze and placed in a 25-30 ℃ incubator. If there is no oxygen supply, the seeds cannot germinate. If there is severe hypoxia, It will produce and accumulate harmful substances such as ethanol and cause embryo poisoning and rotten seeds.
Tomato seed
The seed soaking time is related to the aging of seeds and the water temperature. When the water temperature is high, the seed soaking time may be shorter. In the process of accelerating germination, the seeds shall be frequently turned over and rinsed with warm water to make the seeds evenly warm and maintain air permeability.
Where conditions permit, the germination can be accelerated in a constant temperature box. If there is no constant temperature box, the germination can be accelerated in the fire path of the heating greenhouse or on the side of the furnace and the radiator. However, the seeds cannot be directly contacted with the heat source to avoid evaporation. The wrapped seeds can be put into a tile pot with sorghum stalks, rice husks, sawdust and other regulating materials at the bottom.
The sprouting time shall not be too long, so as to prevent the sprouts from being too long, and the sprouts are easy to break when they are too long. If the seeding is delayed due to special reasons such as weather, the germination temperature can be reduced to 5-10 ℃ to delay the germination.

Cucumber, melon

Cucumber, melon seed
Soak the seeds with 0.2% potassium permanganate solution for 30 minutes and keep stirring. Then rinse the seeds in clean water to prevent the medicinal liquid from injuring the embryos. Then put the seeds into 60 ℃ warm water and keep stirring. After 15 minutes, reduce the temperature to 30 ℃ and scrub to remove the mucus outside the seeds. Wrap the seeds with gauze to accelerate the germination. Keep the temperature between 25-30 ℃. Rinse the seeds with 25 ℃ warm water twice a day until 60% of the seeds open their mouths and sprout. The germination time is about 1-2 days.
Cucumber can also be treated with variable temperature, which can promote the gas exchange of seeds. The time of low temperature treatment is longer than that of high temperature treatment. Generally, the low temperature treatment is 16 hours per day and the high temperature treatment is 8 hours. The commonly used temperature range is 15-30 ℃ or 20-30 ℃.


1. Seeding
It is better to choose fertile, loose, convenient for irrigation and drainage, and cool and ventilated plots as seedbeds. Before sowing, turn the bed soil deeply, apply the rotten farmyard manure and a small amount of compound fertilizer, evenly mix with the bed soil, wet the bed soil, sow about 10g per square meter of the seedbed, cover about 1cm of fine soil after sowing, cover the sun screen, and water again. After that, timely water according to the dry and wet conditions of the bed soil to keep the soil moist. After 3-4 days, most seeds sprout and are covered with half shade and half sunshine to prevent direct sunlight and showers. After the seedlings grow up gradually, the shading net is gradually opened.
Cauliflower seed
2. Seedling management
It is the key to cultivate strong seedlings that the seedlings should be interspersed and planted in time after emergence. When the seedlings are unearthed for about 10 days, the over dense seedlings shall be thinned out in time. When the seedlings are slightly larger, they shall be thinned again to keep the distance between plants at 3-5cm. When the seedlings are excavated for about 20 days, the original nutrient area is limited, and a false planting should be conducted. The requirements of the false planting bed are the same as those of the seeding bed, and the row and plant spacing of the false planting should be controlled at 7-10 cm. And covered with a shading net, and watered while planting. After the artificial planting, the bed soil shall be kept moist and the seeds shall survive. Broccoli does not need much fertilizer in the seedling stage, so long as we pay attention to watering and drought prevention. In the middle and late stage of seedling growth, if we find that there is a lack of fertilizer, we can use the rotten human and animal manure water or 0.2% urea and compound fertilizer solution for topdressing for 1-2 times to make broccoli seedlings grow strong.
Cauliflower seed
3. Soil preparation and fertilization
Select a fertile and loose attitude, deep plough and rake, and make a narrow and high box with a width of 1 meter or a wide and high box with a width of 2 meters. Plant 2 or 4 rows per box, and apply soil fertilizer with a nest spacing of 40-45 cm. Apply 3000 kg of rotten farm manure and 20 kg of compound fertilizer per mu.
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