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Care for outdoor artificial grass rug
On some football fields, there are some things that need to be paid attention to when wearing shoes. It is forbidden to wear 9mm long spikes to run on the lawn; in addition, motor vehicles are not allowed to drive on the lawn; no heavy objects are allowed to be placed on the lawn for a long time; Let the shot put, javelin, discus or other high-falling sports take place on the lawn.

When artificial turf is used for a long time, moss and other fungi will grow around it or in some broken areas inside. Small areas of lawn overgrowth can be treated with special anti-tangle agents (such as road cleaners or chlorine). As long as the concentration is appropriate, artificial turf will not be affected in any way. These anti-tangle agents remove tangled lawns, which can then be swept out with a stiff broom. If the tangle is serious, the lawn will need to be treated and cleaned as a whole. In more serious cases, it will need to be repaired again by a professional construction master.

Some debris in the artificial turf must be disposed of in time. Leaves, pine needles, nuts, chewing gum, etc. will cause tangles, spots and stains. Especially before exercise, first check whether there are similar foreign objects in the field and try to avoid damaging the artificial turf. injuries and protect the safety of athletes.

In some cases, rain or drainage may seep sewage into the site. This can be done by building a circle of edging stones (kerbs) around the lawn during construction to prevent sewage from seeping in. After the later construction is completed, you can also make such a perimeter around the site.

Finally, there is the trimming of the artificial turf. Although artificial turf does not require specialized personnel to water and fertilize like natural turf, it still needs to be checked regularly with personnel. At least someone must take a look to see if there is any damage or damage. There are some potholes, because when there are such places, it is very dangerous to exercise on them.
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