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Be Aware of Pest Control Netting

Plants can't speak, and people can't know what's wrong, so you must carefully observe the planting, discover it in advance, and prevent it early.

At present, the spraying method is generally used to control seedling pests. Although this method has certain control effects, a large amount of medicinal solution is dispersed in the air to pollute the environment and easily cause human and animal poisoning.Garden netting for Safe and effective barrier blocks many types of pests, including insects, birds and animals.It works great as a physical insect barrier.

Sunlight can through,Agfabric garden netting can provide engough sunlight and reduce the loss of water, no need to remove when watering.

It is easy to use. You can put the insect netting over plants directly and then secure it with stones, soil or staples. You can also support the garden netting with a hoop, make enough room for plants to breath and grow.

After more than two years of experiments, the horticultural team has formed a mature method of using insect nets: In the stage of site preparation after harvesting, the insect nets are rolled up, and the insects that are lacking will move away; before the seeds germinate and unearth, they are put down again There are few insects on the insect net. For crops that do not need insect pollination, such as most leafy vegetables, cowpea, fruit cucumbers, tomatoes, eggplants, peppers, soybeans, peas, etc., it is not necessary to roll up insect nets. There will be large pests and diseases, no need to fight drugs. For individual diseased plants and diseased leaves appearing in insect nets, timely remove them to prevent spread. For crops that need insect pollination, roll up the insect net around the flowering period, and the pests will enter at this time. You can apply some medicine appropriately, or you can pollinate or put a box of bees in the insect net per acre. There are various goods about Plant pest control in Agfarbic for choice, such as insect netting, insect bag, Fiberglass Screen, Nylon Screen Mosquito Netting.

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