From August 22, 2022, Agfabric has officially changed its name to Gardenport.

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AgFabric Membership System

About accumulative member points:

In order to reward old customers, attract new customers and make AG more popular, the special member points system is set up as follows:


Customers who have already registered as VIP will also have their previous orders automatically credited to the credits.


How to use points to exchange for money?


Order Discount



Ways to earn member points:

  1. 200 points for VIP registration
  2.  10 points for every $1 spent
  3.  like on Facebook for 2 points
  4.  Share on Facebook for 10 points
  5.  Celebrate a birthday for 1000 points


How to set your birthday date?

1. When you log in VIP, you can click Edit Date firstly;

2. Then you can edit your birthday date, you will get 1000 points as a gift when you celebrate your birthday!

How to become Agfabric VIP?

  1. Enter the website:,  Click the Account and sign up directly.

      2. Click VIP and sign up directly, you can find more information about VIP.



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