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Agfarbic Resin Plastic Wall Hanging planter Vertical Garden Plant Pot made of high-quality resin plastics Which is a perfect fit for your walls, fences and etc.Hanging it with your own hooks or ropes to create a beautiful vertical garden indoor or outdoor.
SMART DESIGN Semicircular Shape modern & elegant, without worrying about the pot dangling or damping the wall after watering.
Multifunctional Net The black net at the bottom helps you water your plants more scientifically. This smart net would control water by draining extra water through it, and store the water at the very bottom of the pot just beneath the net.With this pot, everyone can have a green finger without worrying about over-watering or drought.
Detachable Plug Cut it from the black net at the bottom and seal the drainage hole to prevent water leakage for indoor use.
ECO-FRIENDLY MATERIAL Made of high quality resin plastics, nontoxic, light-weighted, odorless, strong & durable. And we provide multiple colors and combinations for you to choose from.

How to Use:
Step 1: Put some newspapers or wasted materials over the black net, in order to prevent soil which leaks through the net from occupying the water storage space.
Step 2: Add the soil at a suitable depth. FRI, the depth of soil depends on the length of plant root. However, the depth of soil should be 1-2 inches for seeds, which is up to the size of the plants.
Step 3: Put your plants over the soil, keep it straight, and fill the empty space with soil. As for seeds, just keep it at the surface center and add soil.
Step 4: Water your plants or seeds thoroughly for the first time. However, spray a little bit of water when needed.
TIPS: Squeeze the soil with your finger, if your finger is wet, then donftt apply water; otherwise, water your plants.

ECO-FRIENDLY MATERIAL: Made of High-quality resin plastics, light-weighted, duarable, and multiple colors for you to choose from
DETACHABLE PLUG: Cut it from the black net and seal the drainage hole against water leakage for indoor use.
MULTI-FUNCTIONAL NET: Prevent overwatering and meanwhile Store water for plants with the black net at the bottom.
SEMICIRCULAR DESIGN: A perfect fit for walls or fences / Create a hanging garden indoor & outdoor.
SIZE: 12x6.9x8.6in; WEIGHT: 1.2lb; COLOR: Brick Red???¡§?o?Two S Hooks included.