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Product Code: HMFHBG231313

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Product Details:

Type: Feeder
Material: glass
Size: 23*13*13CM
Color: Red

Features and Benefits:

The colorful glass feeder can attract more hummingbirds, and the unique shiny color makes the hummingbird feeder more attractive to hummingbirds. 4 flower feeding mouths are for hummingbirds to drink, and the simple T-shaped habitat is for hummingbirds to rest.

The glass material is strong and durable, and the paint is not easy to fade and damage. All materials of the base are strong and environmentally friendly. Our hummingbird feeder ensures the safety of flower liquid.

Our hummingbird feeder is a beautiful art display. The gradient color on the bottle, the exquisite flower relief design and the 3D flower feeding port keep the bees away from your feeder. It is a perfect artwork to decorate your courtyard and home.

This transparent glass and wide mouth feeder is easy to clean and fill with flower liquid. The hummingbird feeder is easy to disassemble and clean. You can use a brush and cleaning cloth to clean the glass bottle and base separately.