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How to use:
PS:put it on well-ventilated places, such as the courtyard and the attics of the farm.
1.?Soak a piece of coconut soil and dry without sunshine, at the level of 2 to 3 inches of water in the bag. Ordinary soil is also OK. DO NOT apply any soil under the circumstances of soilless cultivation.
2.?Gather at least a quater of the bag?????¨¬o???¨¬??¨¬s kitchen waste in about 3 to 7 days. you can collect the first several days??????waste wrapped?with a plastic bag in the refrigerator or kitchen bags if the quantity is not enough for burying.
3.?Add the EM fermentation bacteria evenly. Stir with a wood stick or compress it with bricks to reduce water and smell, and prevent maggots at the same time.
4.?Finally, bury all the kitchen waste with soil at the top, compress it with brick, and then zip up.
5.?Add a little bit of water if applied too much waste.?Higher humidity contributes to coruption. 60% of humidity is just fine.
6.?Draining the water of kitchen waste as much as possible and.cutting it into small pieces, will also accelerate the corruption rate. 6 weeks is enough for coruption.
7.?Apply 2 or 3 time of soil or other materials when growing vegetables or flowers, however, apply over 4 to 6 times of those at the time of growing trees, as the percentage of nutriment in the fertilizer is high.
8.?After 2-3 months of chemical reaction everything goes well if it is loose and brownish?black, and has the aroma of earth.
9.?The excellent composting bacteria will accelerate fertilizer effeciency and reduce odor. It can also speed up the growth of the roots of plants & enhance the ability to avoid deseases.