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Product Details:

55GSM 5 year UV warranty and should be able to be used through multiple seasons, the overall product lifespan will also depend on the environmental conditions that the netting will regularly experience.

Features and Benefits:

Manufactured of High Density Polyethylene (HDPE), resilient and highly UV stabilized netting, reinforced eyelets, selvedge and centerline are designed for adding extra strength
Hail Netting - Used as Car Protection, Also can protect fruit trees and plants from hail damage, leading to higher yields and a healthier orchard, use for orchards where hail frequently attack
Bird Netting Insect Net - Protects crops and vegetables from hungry birds, bats and flying foxes. Hail net blocks pest insects, safe and effective barrier excludes many types of pests while still allowing plenty of sunlight through
Anti Hail Net can cover hoop frame raised beds with zip ties in garden, easily cut to any custom size with minimal unraveling.