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Our coco mulch disc rings are perfect choice for your plants, they can be used in garden, living room, restaurant, balcony, nurseries, offices, etc. Where there is a plant, there is a need. They will make your plants more lush and your home full of vitality. The coir tree rings are light-weight and very easy to work with. It is easy to slip them around a tree trunk of any size. Just use a pair of scissor to customize and enlarge the center.
  • Natural and organic coco coir: made of 100% natural coco coir, thick and durable, they can maintain the temperature of the soil and their high water retention helps the growth of plant roots
  • Perfect for living room, restaurant and garden, please confirm the size before buying
  • Our coco coir fiber tree ring is an effective weed control barrier and protects trees from weeds and also is permeable and lets water, air and nutrients through, it can be placed around the base of a tree and also protect the trunk from trimmer damage
  • Easy to install and use: these coco coir plant cover mulch mats are easy to install and can be trimmed, have their own shape round, you only need to choose the right size and place them on the plant roots of the flowerpot to provide protection for your plants
  • Size: 7.87 in. thickness: 0.23 in. 20-pack