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Made from recycled paper pulp, the compostable seed cups can be planted directly into the field, garden, or larger container, simplifying transplanting and eliminating root shock.

  • GET YOUR GARDEN STARTED: Kit includes 50 seed starter pots and 15 additional plant labels.
  • MADE FROM RECYCLED PAPER: The pot nursery is molded from recycled paper pulp and adhesive. They breathe like clay and provide the best environment for the roots.
  • Keep moisture: The pulp pot has a very good moisturizing function and creates a good environment for planting and seedling growth.
  • Easy to separate and take out: The seedling peat pots with textured surface, won't stick together like other seedling pots on the market, and can be easily separated with a slight turn during use.
  • Widely Used: The small size is perfect for planting flower vegetable seedlings such as tomatoes and cucumbers.