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The integrated cost is low and the loading of soil is fast and short-time. The advanced computer microcontroller is used to automate the production. The finished quality guarantee is completed and the operation efficiency is high. Because there is no gap between the pouch and bag of the honeycomb seedling container, it can make full use of the limited area of seedling. When operating, the compaction matrix is able to keep warm, and save valuable water resources. The honeycomb seedling bag adopts the straight cylinder design, which can guarantee the normal growth of the root system, and the survival rate is very high.

  • Material: natural coconut.
  • Color: brown.
  • Size: 3.3 ft. x 1.97 ft.
  • Applied to nursery and planting without pollution, anti-ultraviolet, anti-corrosion, leak-proof, and protect your plants from the sun, heat and freezing.
  • Easy to clean, store and wash.