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The plants in the courtyard without shelter are exposed to the harsh weather like frost, snow and strong winds. Plant covering wrap can insulate the plants from cold and frost, trap heats beneath the cover, making it possible for plants to survive the long cold winter. This garden cover is a great choice for you to protect flowers, trees, shrubs and some other upright plants. It will also provide protection for plants from animals like birds or rabbits. The drawstring at the bottom keep the shrub winter covers from being blown away by strong winds.
  • Size: available in a variety of sizes, allow 30% to 50% light transmittance and recommend 3??F to 8??F of frost protection
  • Making your shrubs and trees their much needed winter jackets, specially designed fabrics, this fabric plant cover, are often used to protect against frosts, strong winds, hail, snow and they're also effective in blocking insects and birds or reducing the intensity of the Sun
  • Heavier weight fabric is breathable and permeable enough to let sunlight, water and enough air through to your plant to protect without suffocating
  • Using the cover is easy, due in great part to its extra-wide opening, simply toss the cover over your plant, shimmy it down and zip up
  • Plant cover is useful for various crops, plants or flowers